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Another week!!

Posted 7/6/2010 5:44am by Mark Boen.
Dear CSA Members,

As we barrel through the summer, here we are with another week's delivery!!

We have three kinds of peas in this week's box.  They will all be part of the pea pick this weekend.  I will send a separate letter soon regarding the pea pick.  I will also let you know all the other picks that are available so you can choose.  The pea pick is the most unlimited and most prolific so you won't want to miss this one.

~The long and slender pea in the box is Green Arrow.  It is a regular shelling pea.  The regular pea we had in last week's box was supposed to be Olympia which is an outstanding early pea.  This year, however, there must have been a mix up in the seed as it was not Olympia and was instead rugged picking and poor quality.  So you will love the switch to Green Arrow this week.  Green Arrow will be prolific in the pea pick this weekend.   It is great raw or cooked.

~Sugar Snap-  Sugar snap is the shortest fat pea in the box.  It is amazing raw or cooked.  It is awesome dipped in dips.

~Pea pod-  These are a little fatter than last week but this adds to the sweetness.  They are wonderful in stir fry but amazing dipped in dips.

~New potatoes-  I don't know where you can buy potatoes that have calcium and all the elements added to the soil, or where they have no herbicide or pesticide, but here they are from Bluebird Gardens!  Enjoy their royal goodness!!

~Onions-  We are still on our onion sets.  Use them from top to bottom.  The big Walla Wallas are coming soon, maybe a couple of weeks!!

~Cucumbers-  When all the elements are added to the soil, enjoy the real sweetness of how a cucumber should really taste.  One of our awesome members said she will never get a store cucumber again.  By the way, our entire staff savors the comments in all the emails you send.  We really are energized by your comments!!

Full share boxes-  We will try to get broccoli in the Tuesday deliveries and cabbage in the Wed.  Next week will flip flop.  Full share will also get basil.  Full share will also get kohlrabi.  Enjoy it raw or cooked.

~Chickens-  Oh my gosh!!  The last of the royal plumbing inspectors should darken our wonderful doorway this week so chicken processing can begin.  You would never believe the red tape in MN.  Our leaders sit in baffled bewilderment as to why the economy is sluggish in MN.  However, under their stiffling leadership, they have effectively shut it down!!

Have a great week.  Enjoy the box!!

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