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CSA update!

Posted 4/14/2010 4:49am by Mark Boen.

Many people are signing up to be part of our Summer CSA.  Thanks to all of you for trusting us in this adventure.  It will be an amazing food celebration and revolution!!  It is totally fun to watch the amazing ownership and involvment of CSA members already, to find drop off locations and spread the news to friends!!  Almost half of all sign ups now are from word of mouth.  THANKS  to all who are a part of this.

I can't wait for the box deliveries to start and for the farm harvest events to occur.  I love to read your response, which is part of the CSA check out.  It tells what brought you to us.  Your emails are awesome!  But the real connection lies ahead of us.  The box deliveries each week, the sharing of recipes and the farm harvest events will become the glue that brings us all together!!

I am most willing to come and talk about the CSA opportunity to any work site, neighborhood, senior living center, etc.  Just email me through this website or call me at 218-205-4739 and I will find the time to come!!


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