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In a pickle!!

Posted 7/16/2010 1:07pm by Mark Boen.
Dear CSA members,

When I saw the tremendous response of people wanting pickling cucumbers, I was worried that we might not have enough.  Each harvest event hinges on what the farm has available.

However the first person picked their bushel today (which is two five gallon pails) and got just a short distance!!  Whew!!  It looks like there will be more than enough for all.

I could spend the whole afternoon going through emails and trying to line up people for picking cucumbers.  The easiest way, would be if you called me if you could come today.  It looks like we have room for four or five to get their bushels.  We will see how long it takes for the patch to regenerate and be ready for the next picking.  Then the next batch of picking can begin.  This is unlike the pea pick where everyone could come at once.  Don't come unless you have lined it up with me.

Rules for picking:

~Every plant's goal is to make seeds.  Once it has made seeds, it stops producing.  So, if you see an old and fat cucumber on the vine, pick it off and throw it away.  Of left on, that plant will stop producing.

~Be gentle on the plants.  Our whole membership wanting cucumbers needs that.  Never hold a vine up to pick.  Lean over and swish the leaves to find the cukes.   Watch where you step.  Most were very careful.  However, some were like steamrollers.  It didn't matter in the peas but it really does on the cukes.  They need to keep producing.

So... if you can come today or tomorrow, call me at 218-205-4739.  They need to get picked off.

I can't wait to think all winter that so many are eating Bluebird Gardens pickles...just as a bonus for being part of our CSA!!  If you are really into pickles, you can use all your harvest events for cucumbers.


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