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Posted 5/11/2010 10:56pm by Mark Boen.

Dear CSA members,
We could not believe the amazing turnout to come to get the lettuce and bok choy!!  It was great to hear how you enjoyed the first round!!  It was an amazing treat to meet you all.  What a beautiful group of people you are.  I am so energized for the fun season we will have.  We have more lettuce and bok choy available so you are  welcome to come again. We also have spinach in high tunnel two, while it lasts.  This is the one item you will get to harvest yourself. (Notice the word "get".  You can tell I was an elementary teacher for 34 years!!)   It was amazing how you banded together already and had people pick up for many families.  I would like to find a way for you to connect with other CSA members to allow this to occur even more.  I know it is tricky with new privacy issues.  So, once again, you are invited to come and get more lettuce, bok choi and spinach Wednesday through Saturday.  (Our son, Dillon's confirmation is Sunday.)  If you want to call to say you are coming, we could be more ready for you.  My phone is 218-205-4739.
Pretty soon, WE will be bringing the produce to YOU!!  Today I got the new CSA trailer and ordered the CSA boxes.  The packing shed is ready to be built if it ever quits raining!! 

We have really hustled to get many jobs done in the beautiful April weather.  Those crops are doing awesome!  Following are some of those jobs:
~The ten thousand pounds of Norland and Yukon Gold potatoes are coming up.  They look so robust and healthy.  The early shoots froze this weekend but they will send more from below.  No problem!
~Before yesterday's rain, we planted the fifth stage of radishes, lettuce, bunching onions, and spinach.  The patches of these crops look amazing for this time of year!  We have planted enough for the CSA and stands.
~The first two patches of sweet corn are planted and are germinating very well.  They should be up soon.  As soon as it dries, the next patches will be planted.  I plant sweet corn stages until about the 8th of July.  We are usually the last ones in the state to have sweet corn.  Some lucky years, it is til the middle of October!
~The 36,000 onion plants, which include Walla Walla, Ailsa Craig, Big Daddy and two red varieties look awesome and weren't hurt by the frost.  The 160 pounds of onion sets are doing great as well.  It is not on the list, but we planted a lot of garlic, which is doing awesome.  That will be in your fall box as well.
~The ten acres of the first peas and beans look spectacular.  I have never seen them come up so well.  They include two early varieties of shelling peas, many Green Arrow peas, which will be a big part of the pea pick, sugar snap peas and pea pods, also part of the farm harvest pea pick, and green beans.  The beans have germinated well but luckily aren't up yet with May's ugly weather.
~We planted thousands of cabbage, broccoli, kale and bok choi.  They love the cool and wet weather.  It's good somebody does!!
We really need the weather to clear so we can continue planting the crops in stages.  Planting tomatoes, cucumbrs, melons and peppers on plastic with trickle irrigation covered by low tunnel plastic and cloth is our next urgent job.  We had wanted to do this in early May and all it does is rain.  Luckily, Stuart and Bill are joining us soon so we will have the troops to do this quickly.  We also need to resume weeding of all the crops such as onions, spinach, carrots-which look better than ever- We planted Bolero, a sweet and tender carrot.  We are also planting 3,000 asparagus, 10,000 strawberries and plum, apple and pear fruit trees.  Can you imagine the fun stuff we will have in our CSA boxes of the future??  And the harvest events we can add??

I plan to email you soon about more drop off locations.  We have great new locations in Fergus, and the FM area.  We even have a drop off in North Fargo now.  If you find a better drop off location on the new list, you can change.   I can't begin to relay our gratitude to you as members for making this all work.  Our members have found the drop off locations and volunteered to be hosts.  You are the most beautiful, excited people we have seen.  What a season it will be!!  We are still taking signups, and most signups now say they heard of us by word of mouth.  That is all of you!!  What a crew!!

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