Farm Mission

Learn about our passion for providing nutritionally-dense food to our CSA members!

Bluebird Gardens has a two-part mission

Our goals are to:

1) Connect people to the farm where their food is grown.

2) Take care of the land so we can provide the highest quality, nutrient-rich vegetables.

The evolution of our farm has brought us to the point where the CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) model offers the best fit for advancing our mission.

Meeting our Mission 


How we connect people to the farm... 

Through our CSA, members connect with the farm through the weekly emails which tell what is in the box this week as well as how it might be used. They connect with the growing number of youtube videos giving progress updates of the farm. The solidifying connections occur when the CSA members visit our farm to take part in harvest events. These connections convert our vegetable customers into family members. Our farm becomes THEIR farm. For us, the CSA is the pinnacle of the local food movement!

How we take care of the land... 

The other half of our mission is providing our CSA members with the highest quality, most nutrient-dense produce we can. We do this through what we call biological farming. It all starts with the soil. We add in the missing elements and feed the life in the soil that helps build fertility. The result is great tasting, nutrient-rich vegetables. It is a huge investment, but you are worth it!  In 2014, we are adding intensive cover cropping due to the purchase of 108 more acres of land.  We will have alternating strips of crop and cover crop.  This will provide a feast for the biology and will change our farm forever.  Cover crops/green manure crops build organic matter, increase fertility and nutritional density and health of plants and people!!  Those who have been a member for years will literally see the soil change beneath their feet with our new cover cropping plan!!

CLICK HERE to listen to Mark explaining biological farming to a general session at the 2012 MN Fruit and Vegetable Growers Conference in St Cloud.


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