Land Tracts for sale at auction April 7

Land tracts

Our land will be divided into tracts for the land auction on April 7 with Aasness Auctioneers.  Check it out at

  • Tract One is the 60+ tillable acres on the home farm.  It has the highest rating of organic matter.  It includes the three irrigation wells and the wind turbine.
  • Tract Two is the land west of the home farm.  It has sixty tillable acres.  It has become a marvelous asset to our farm.  The cover cropping is making this land come alive and it becomes more productive each year.
  • Tract Three is the land across the highway and a bit to the east of our driveway.  It has about 23 acres.
  • Tract Four includes the beautiful woods resembling Jurassic Park.  To build a house looking down on that setting would be a dream.  It also includes the five acre apple orchard with the eight foot fence surrounding it.  More apple trees could be added and the fence would be awesome for trellising grapes.
  • Tract Five is the best.  It is pine forest in our former pasture.  It is home to the Magic Woods.  A cove in the trees would make the perfect spot to put a house.  It is about 15 acres.
  • Tract Six is east of the Tract Five.  It has a beautiful hill along the highway facing south.  If one built a house there in the hill facing south, your view to the south is a wildlife planting.  Nature would be right out your window!!
  • Tract Seven is north of the highway from Tract Six.  It is about 7.5 acres and makes another beautiful building site with a perfect hill facing south to place a house.  To the north is a beautiful wetland making this a gorgeous natural area.
  • Tract Eight is about five acres and includes the farm buildings.  This has numerous sheds and our insulated packing shed.  A new well is on this tract.


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