Our house is for sale

Our house is for sale!

 Our house is not the normal farm house in the country.  It has a lot of unique features as will be shown in the pictures below.  It consists of:

  • 3,960 square feet
  • two kitchens
  • 3 bathrooms
  • four bedrooms
  • sunken living room with railed cutout looking into garden below
  • master suite with vaulted ceiling with numerous cutouts in the wall for decorating
  • .3 mile tree-lined, tarred driveway
  • many windows looking out to natural settings.  Not one house is visible from any window
  • air solar system that heats rock storage area for space heating and also heats household water
  • ground water heat pump
  • three stall garage
  • The driveway trees alternate between maple and flowering crab.  In May, the crabs are full of beautiful pink flowers.  They are many shades of green, gold and red in the fall.
  • The master suite pictures shown below display the arched windows on the east and west.  The west half with the bed is sunken below the east half.
  • A wet bar is on the east end of the master suite.
  • This picture is taken facing west.
  • The master suite bathroom has sinks on the opposite sites each facing mirrors to the center.  The next picture shows a cut out shelving in this bathroom.
  • The sunken living room on the main floor is often host to glorious trees and sunsets through the west window.
  • The south window of the sunken living room has a wide view of nature.  The railing in the foreground looks down into a garden below.
  • This is facing south.  Great sun comes through these windows in the winter.
  • This view is facing west.
  • This view is facing east.
  • This is the view of the living room from the dining room

More pictures will follow!  If you are interested in our house and/or the buildings in the yard, call Mark at 218-205-4739.

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