Continuing rummage sales in our basement

Rummage sales

The Beginning of the Rummage Sales

You are welcome to come and celebrate all the stuff that accumulates from 39 years.  Our rummage sale will occur in the basement of our house.  Why wait until spring??  Hours are seven days a week from 10-5.  If you have a phone, call Diane at 218-205-1484 when you arrive, in case she is in some corner of the house cleaning.  If you can only come in the evenings, feel free to call Mark at 218-205-4739 to see if we are home.  Our address is 26060 Co Hwy 18, Fergus Falls, MN.  They will continue the following week with the same hours.

Following are pictures of the sampling of items offered:

We have tons of cool holiday decorations!

Fancy Nikko holiday china!

Small appliances!!

Kitchen supplies!


Bowls, serving trays...


Mugs, cups...

Garden books, health books...

New Cuisinart countertop oven/roaster, many baskets

Endless supply of T shirts, jeans.  Large rocker, portable washing machine, outdoor fountain, tools and more.  As tables empty, more items continually added!

Garden and other tools will be added soon.  As soon as tables begin to empty, we will add more items.

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