Farm Slideshow

This slideshow portrays many photos of general life on the farm. It gives you a picture of what goes on behind the scenes!

Stages of sweet cornIrrigating the cornZucchini on plasticWide rows of onions and beetsThe Eastern BluebirdThe heart of Bluebird GardensGourds through the line washerGetting the leads readySetting up irrigationBeet and onion plants!Irrigating sweet cornStages of sweet corn!Rows of zucchini!earthwormSugar Bear and Pumpkin Laying plastic mulchPumpkinsSweet corn irrigationCrops on plastic mulchSolar system on our roofReady to irrigate potatoesReady to irrigatePick-upJacto sprayer used in foliar feedingMXU 110 disking cover cropGetting ready to plant potatoesCutting potatoes before plantingPotatoes ready for plantingPlanting potatoesHeave, ho...Digging potatoesPickup loads ready to goReady to go, Dad?Chad laying plasticHome, sweet homeMiguel Regi weeding pumpkinsTrees along our drivewayField of plastic mulch cropsCal Regi weeding pumpkinsMiguel in peasAndy in peasPicked by hand!DrivewayRow covers/ mini greenhousesFour wheelers/major components of farmGetting ready to irrigatePulling the traveling gun outPotatoesPotatoesSweet corn patchesA beautiful day!Sweet corn!BJ's standMike picking cucumbersPicking potatoes!PotatoesGeranio Mr. Tomato Man!I am beet!A prize pumpkinJared and GoliatBuilding muscles!The flying pumpkin!!Is it ready?OnionsSetting up to irrrigate our new plantingsRows of brassicasSea gull harvest eventDriveway trees decked out in spring!
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