High Tunnels

The high tunnels occupy the area on our farm that used to be the dairy barn and cow yard. Just like then, this area is now the center and heart of the farm! 

Minnesota springs are often unkind and the high tunnels provide a warm and friendly environment to plants. The high tunnels allow us to extend the season greatly!

High tunnel of cucumbersHigh tunnel of cucumbersBuilding High Tunnel 7Building high tunnel 7Sheet of plastic over trellis to hold spring heatApril plantingMark planting secondary crop of lettuceGeranio and Andy plantingWe need more plants!Tomatoes with secondary crop of lettuceEarly Girl tomatoes ready for actionPole beansTomatoes growing??High tunnel peppersCucumbersCucumbers with secondary crop of beansCucumbers with secondary crop of lettuceTomatoes with secondary crop of peppersCucumbers with lettuceEmergency heat for April nightsHigh tunnel visitorsTomatoesHarvesting cucumbers by Mid-MayTomatoesDoors off in summer.CucumbersCucumbersMountain Spring tomatoesPutting the doors on in the fall.cucumbersMountain Spring tomatoesTomatoberriesTomatoes with secondary crop of lettuceHigh tunnels at Bluebird GardensHigh tunnel with two layers of plasticcucumbers Spring tilling in the high tunnelSpring high tunnelSpring high tunnelWaiting for tomatoes High tunnel pole beansCucumbersPole beansCucumbers with secondary crop of lettuceCucumbers with secondary crop of lettuceJust a few cucumbers!The first tomatoes/2010Laying plastic on raised bedscucumber surrounded by lettuceromaine lettuceTomato surrounded by bok choitomatoesBHN 589 tomatoesBHN 589 tomatoespromising spring tomato blossomsdouble duty in high tunnelearly cucumberscucumbers and lettuce
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