Machinery auction April 6

Vegetable Slideshow!

The slideshow illustrates some of the vegetables we grow. We are always looking for new varieties to increase the diversity we offer our customers. Absent at the time of these pictures were radishes, herbs, swiss chard and kohlrabi and cut flowers.

Mountain Spring tomato!Fields of sweet corn!A lot to choose from...Let's get a pumpkin!A mountain of winter squashMagenta lettuceA load of pumpkinsThe sweet taste of melons!The wash table is full.CabbageMountain Spring tomatoesWaiting for melons...Banana peppers!Sweet onions!The best sweet corn!Gourds!Fall decoratives!Our K-Mart stand in Fergus FallsFall sacks of potatoes!Everyone loves melons!Sweet onions!An explosion of flavor!The sweet taste of Buttercup squash!Fried zucchini, anyone?Coastal Star lettuce!Fresh off the wash table!Minutes-fresh potatoes!Nutrient-dense cucumbers!The magic of peas!Nutritious kale!Fall decorativesGreen beansCherokee lettuceSweet onionsReady for marketMinutes-fresh new potatoes!High tunnel cucumbersZucchiniEggplantShelling peas!Peas A field of...peas!Carrots!PeppersBLT anyone?ZucchiniCherry tomatoes!Yellow doll melons!Green beansGreen star lettuceCoastal star lettuceGreen Star lettuceCoastal Star lettuceThe final touch on radishesheading to the fieldKohlrabi waiting to get plantedbrassica fieldbrassica fieldThe begnnings of the brassica fieldField of peasGerman Giant radishesBok choiEarly turnipsEarly onionsBok choiEarly onionsMagenta lettuceAn early head of cabbageMesiastomato harvest
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