Wind Turbine

I have been excited about earth ecology for a long time. It began with an instructor at the Fergus Junior College, Mr. Daly. I took a class from him that was passionate about taking care of the earth. One book we read was Silent Spring.  That class planted the seeds for the philosophy Bluebird Gardens has today!

 It wasn't called green energy  back then, but when we built our house in 1982 on my family farm, we looked into solar systems. We had the roof made for solar and we purchased a system from Research Products, a company that is still in business today. This is a simple air system that gathers heat on a sunny day to heat a rock storage area in the basement and to heat our hot water. When the house calls for heat, it takes it from the rock storage area first. It has been a wonderful system and is one of the best investments we have made!

 A few years ago, a story appeared in the Fergus Falls Daily Journal about wind energy. I had always been interested in wind energy as well so I followed up on the story.

The wind turbine's energy is connected to our irrigation well. In the summer, when we are irrigating from that well, the energy comes from the turbine if the wind is blowing. Otherwise the electricity produced goes on the Otter Tail Power grid. The turbine produces more than the irrigation well can use in a summer. 

The first step in constructing the turbine was to dig a huge hole. 

A frame was then constructed to hold the cement.

Gridwork was part of the cement base.


Now, I enjoy watching the turbine work and thinking about what it stands for!






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